Dietary Supplement Paper

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Dietary Supplements Report
Phillip Thomas
September 9, 2012
Taking dietary supplements is a decision individuals really should consider and what type of supplements they want to take whether it is food, vitamin, or a nutrient, and if the supplement will benefit their needs.

Dietary Supplements are products intended for ingestion as supplements to one’s diet which they contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, plant substances, amino acids, enzymes, and extracts. Therefore individuals will take supplements to make up whatever deficiency he or she may be lacking. Even though individuals should eat a well-balanced diet so they can receive the right amount nutrients daily, but in some cases that is not possible, so therefore supplements will provide the necessary nutrients needed when individuals do not eat a proper diet or a health conditions causes a deficiency such as individuals lacking in iron deficiency, vitamin D, therefore taking a vitamin supplement will give the individual the nutrients needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Vitamin D is to help individuals to prevent calcium levels so individuals can have strong bones and teeth. For an example, I must take iron and vitamin D, even though I eat a balance diet, I still do not maintain the right levels of iron or calcium because of my health conditions. I will always suggest that individuals should always check with his or her physician before taking any type of supplement to prevent reactions or large amount of intakes that could cause health problems or death. As I stated earlier taking supplements that are not needed have serious side effects, because individuals will think they are doing what is right but do not understand the seriousness until it is too late because too much of anything is bad. Some of the risks are weight management supplements which are on the rise because so many individuals who are overweight or obese what to be smaller in size. Weight loss...

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