Diet Coke and Coca-cola

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Coca-Cola is a company that is found in almost every house in the world one other thing is to strive not only to make profits but to be as a leader in diversity. This article will show you some of the reasons why Coca-Cola has made huge profits actually both, and became a leader in diversity through the use of globalization; technology, innovation, diversity and ethics for become one of the largest companies in the world.

Internal and external factors, and how they affect the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling).

There are several internal and external factors to consider such as Coca-Cola continues to produce and achieve their successes and their effects on the functionality of the company. Serving as the largest manufacturers of soft drinks in the world Coca-Cola takes into account many factors to remain one of the largest name brands today.

Internal Factors

Management functions in Coca-Cola are essential to the continued success of the company. The different levels of management must plan the daily routines of production and organize different tasks or last minute duties for employees to perform. The different levels of management should have a good sense of direction and control perspective areas in case of conflicts, misunderstandings or hic ups that can arise from within. Examples of situations and techniques to solve these situations can be, employees with special skills required certifications have kept up to date or setting end of the month goals to strive for between different employee section and finding ways to continue to improve each month. (Bateman, T. S., & Snell, S. A. (2011).Management: Leading & collaborating in a competitive world (9th Ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin.)

External Factors

One of the few external factors that can affect the four functions of management of the company is marketing. Marketing involves planning and organizing events, in addition to publicize the company's products to consumers through advertisements. With the ongoing battle over obesity problem in the United States, has become a challenge for the company to sell its products. As the population adapted to healthy food and eating habits, produces Coca-Cola Coke Zero. Thus, the company continued to generate income while still catering to the population looking to be on the healthier side when drinking sodas. Considering current trends, constantly changing government regulations, and the exploitation of new technology features could prove to be beneficial for the management of the company, both internally and externally. Moreover products keep changing to accommodate the consumer way of healthy eating and dietary habits. (Bateman, T. S., & Snell, S. A. (2011).Management: Leading & collaborating in a competitive world (9th Ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin.)

Factors affecting the four functions of management.


Technology now plays an important role within large corporations, and this is no different in the Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE). They are also finding, and make good use of creative forms of new technology in the business to reduce overhead and increase profits. One of the most important forms of technology Coca-Cola has used is the use of route optimization system called SHORTREC, through a company called ORTREC. What makes this software is to optimize the logistics of the acceleration and the organization of the delivery process, create a better working condition and streamline the process for delivery drivers. The reason for this can be assumed as the CCE uses the most important, is that, regardless of the technology used in manufacturing the product, which would be useless if they could not effectively deliver the product. The software also plays a role in the management process and the four functions of it. Considering CCE objectives is to provide customer service as a world...

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