Topics: Nutrition, Dieting, Eating Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Dieting is to restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight. In fact dieting makes people fat. People manage to lose weight by going on severe diet but most people can’t tolerate rigid dieting for long so once it’s inescapably stopped, they put on a little more than before. Again they do the same, lose again, stop and go a little higher still. As a result crash dieters gain more and more weight over time. Person thinks it’s starving so, to indemnify, will switch on all the mechanisms it has to store food.One of these is hormones. There's nothing worse than having to eat up foods you can't stand because a diet demands it. That just boost stress hormones by getting feelings of deprivation and resentment, which as a result, intensify cravings.Thus people have more and more food to compensate for it and becomes fat.Most people who start dieting will continue to do so, on and off, for the rest of their lives. If a range of foods is designated as forbidden, dieters feel guilty if they transgress, which makes them feel worse about themselves. Dieting makes food an enemy as you don’t eat your favourite food, not a source of sustenance and well-being.If you suddenly reduce your food intake, you body, because it is made for survival, will slow down your metabolic rate in order to store energy more efficiently and person feels weak. This is why people on a diet start to crave for heavy snacks like chocolate,potatoes etc which gives a quick boost to their energy levels, and why weight loss slows down dramatically after the first couple of weeks. Weight loss in the early weeks of crash dieting is not, as many people believe, made up mostly of unwanted fat. First you lose those carbohydrates stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen. You will also lose a lot of water, which may make you feel less swollen and look meager, when in fact you carry the same amount of fat on your body. Diet foods rarely taste good or feel satisfying, and...
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