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For most people, diet appears to be a natural process. As such, the lack of taking initiative to provide an individual with the motivation to engage in the diet process may affect their development. Diet problems derail an individual’s emotional development. Two ways of avoiding diet problems therefore relate to developing a positive relationship to food and eating, again, to which the individuals have initial control of. If such factor does not occur early on the diet process, spiral effect of food refusal and poor nutrient intake can ensure. Consequence of these problems is failure to thrive (Wolraich, et al, 2008, p. 760).

Further, aggressive or restrictive dieting habits can cause the development of negative associations with feeding. Routine negative interactions that sprung during mealtimes can keep an individual from wanting to explore and advance with normal self-dieting progression. In this way, the balance of power can be achieved by shifting in dieting relationships (Douglas, 2010). Dieting problems ensue most of the time because the individuals are unaware that their appetite has decreased and so food consumption will be less. There is the need to educate these individuals that while the child is still in the process of early dieting decline in food intake will likely to occur so that they will not be concerned when it happens (Pilliteri, 2009, p. 849).

Dieting problems take a toll on the individuals, affecting the whole process itself as so much part of the issue of feeding and food with nutritional value. As such, dieting problems are often interpreted as a sign of defective food behaviour and eating habits. Because dieting problems are poorly understood, the individuals under the dieting process are often confused by conflicting beliefs, advice and information (Douglas, 2010).

Most effective mean of treating dieting problems is to increase appropriate behaviour and decrease maladaptive behaviour between the food and the one dieting as well as between the one dieting and the dieting experience itself. There should be am interactive and supportive environment that most encourages positive relationship with dieting experience. What the individuals can do is to develop healthy eating habits by making healthy choices more appealing.

While fasting and vegan and water only diet improves the health condition of the individuals who are undergoing diet, the nutritional needs of these individuals are overlooked. Having said this, a food multimix concept which is an innovative ways of solving food-related problems of individuals is introduced. FMM is an innovative approach that makes better use of traditional food sources as a tool to meet the nutritional needs of people who are dieting.

Moreover, the role of the family is also regarded as a significant contributor in. Family characteristics also contribute to the dieting process. Several of these characteristics include foods available at home, nutritional knowledge, dietary intake, encouragement of activity and activity pattern. As such, a family’s eating patterns could have major influences on whether an individual maintains a healthy weight (Ratha, 2007).

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