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Diesel for Successful Living


DIESEL was founded in 1978 by two designers: Goldschmied and Rosso. The products are available in more than 50 countries and it is based in Italy. They chose an English brand name since they wanted to launch an international brand. That’s why il has the particularity to be pronounced the same worldwide: DIESEL. DIESEL has been seen in many influential fashion magazines such as FHM and Menswear. It was elected “Fashion Brand of the Year” and “Advertiser of the Year”. Therefore, Diesel is a major fashion brand. Thanks to the winning campaign “For Successful Living”, Diesel is seen as a successful brand, creative, dynamic and young brand too. The designers are sent all over the world for “research tips” to realize colorful and sexy advertising campaign. The brand image is also associated with irreverence because of disruptive, ironic and shocking ads. Diesel is known for the quality and durability of its products and demonstrates it. Diesel was one of the fastest-growing fashion companies on the 90s. But the brand lost its originality and was victim of its success; it started to be conventional with a hudge diffusion of the D-Diesel denim products.


When Renzo Rosso decided to seize opportunities in high casual wear with a new line, StyleLab, it was also a way to prevent any possible commoditization of Diesel brand. StyleLab was the solution to remind identity and values of Diesel: freedom, global outlook, unconditioned creativity and thoughtfulness, while bringing some freshness to the brand with sophistication and mystery. And if D-Diesel targeted people with teenage-spirited lifestyle, StyleLab could appeal to past buyers of D-Diesel who still liked the brand and its values but who felt that they had outgrown it and the most trendy D-Diesel customers concerned that it had become too mainstream and lost its underground cachet. StyleLab would also help to...
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