Die Weisse Rose

Topics: Hans Scholl, White Rose, Christoph Probst Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: January 19, 2010
die Weiβe Rose summary:
All of them came from: Ulm
brothers/sisters: Hans (main personage), Sophie (main personage), Inge (schrijfster book), Werner and Elisabeth parents: mother Magdalene, father Robert (burgomaster, anti-Hitler) in spite of that their father anti-Duits is, goes nevertheless all brothers and zussen from the family Scholl at Hitlerjugend (a National Socialistic movement for young people between the 10-18 years). Hans (15 years) and Sophie (12 years) believe in words of the Führer when these say that national love, bread and work for everyone would be. But when Hans hobby are for singing for foreign songs are prohibited, it starts at kribbelen at Hans. Hereafter also the books become which Hans gladly read prohibited, and become its flag which he has made for the optocht taken away. (This late of course sees the constraint on freedom of the German people: they are obstructed in their do but say also in their and in their taste) when the second world war breaks out in 1939, will Hans study in Munich, and medicine training. He must serve in this time also as hospitaalsoldaat to the front in Russia. Here he learns know some people who with which he later those Weisse Rose sets up: •Christopher Probst (become Sophie and Hans together for the dead veroordeld, he only keeps himself on the context and wants leaflets distribute because he has a woman and children) •Willi sepulchre

Alexander Schmorell
later connect themselves also professor Huber at the non-violent resistance group. (several similar resistance groups such as those Weiβe Rose start arise) Sophie also leave in 1942, to Munich to will study biology and philosophy. In the meantime the Sophie become father, Robert, taken up because of its judgements concerning Hitler. He sits for that 4 years in the prison. In the holiday all medecine students leave to the front in Russia, where Hans brother still its see Werner. Sophie go in the meantime to house. They get knowledge of: deads...
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