Die Fledermaus

Topics: Plot, Die Fledermaus, Character Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: December 14, 2001
Die Fledermaus is an operetta about friends getting even. The antagonist, Dr. Falke, plots and fulfills his revenge against his old friend. After a costume ball, Gabriel, the protagonist, carries his good yet intoxicated friend Dr. Falke to the middle of town and leaves him passed out on a park bench. He is dressed as a bat and he is lying with his pants down. He awakes to find a large crowd laughing at him. This starts the plot the revenge of the bat. Dr. Falke then takes great preparation and skillfully sets up a plan to embarrass Gabriel. He arranges for everyone to be at a prince's ball and to not be recognized by Gabriel. Instead of serving an 8-day sentence in jail, Gabriel is a courting woman at this ball. The plot finally unfolds and the truth is told. Gabriel is embarrassed in front of his wife, Rosalinda as Falke enters the jail and proclaims the "revenge of the bat". The all end up back at the Russian palace and blame everything on "King Champagne". The meaning of Die Fledermaus is suggested by the protagonist, Dr. Falke. The meaning is suggested through a complex, comical situation building to the climax of Dr. Falke proclaiming the revenge of the bat. The moral of the Operetta seems to be the age-old saying "What goes around comes around." The style is, far and away, a comedy. The characters are presented in a satirical manner in which the lively opera singing gave the characters wonderfully exaggerated personalities and emotions.


The characters portrayed by these actors were very entertaining. They were not completely realistic because of the type of performance it was. The characters were melodramatic and lively which them each captivating and intriguing in their own way. Most of the characters were in the upper class of society and were stereotyped of their respective characters. For example, Einstein and his wife were a snobbish upper class couple who were portrayed as people who elegantly go through life...
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