Dido and Opening Scene Portrays

Topics: Dido, Aeneid, Aeneas Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: October 13, 2014
What are the major conflicts in The Aeneid? Go beyond just Dido and Aeneas, Greeks and Trojans, to consider other less obvious ones. What types of conflicts (physical, moral, intellectual, or internal) can you detect? Describe the conflict(s), and resolution if there is one, in detail with multiple references to the text in your response. The epic the Aeneid is about Aeneas and a group of survivors of the Trojan War who are destine to create one of the greatest cultures in the world, Rome. Along the way challenges and trials await the group especially Aeneas who is the main character, in which it drives internal conflict. Aeneas must decide between love and duty, personal desire or destiny throughout the entire epic. Although Aeneas is destine from the beginning to make it to Italy, this doesn’t stop the gods who play a crucial role in determining the destiny of the mortals along with Aeneas. Although most of the obvious conflict is with Aeneas, we can see a not so obvious conflict with the gods in this epic. Although the gods in this story are “divine” they often portray similar characteristics as mortals such as anger, and jealously. Juno who is the queen of the gods, wife of Jupiter from the opening scene portrays these traits. “What could wound the queen of the Gods with all her power? Why did she force a man, so famous for his devotion, to brave such rounds of hardship, bear such trials?” (Virgil, 1 9-12) This rage against Aeneas and his men is forged because of the information she received about “a race of men, sprung of Trojan blood, would one day topple down her Tyrian stronghold.” (Virgil,1 23-24) Juno according to the epic, loved Carthage and her goal was to nurse it so that one day it would rule the nations of the earth. The love of Juno’s City could be connected to the love and protection of a mother and her baby. This conflict of knowing her city will one day be toppled down from these “Trojans” enrages her and forces her to take measures such as...
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