Did We Go to the Moon?

Topics: Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, Moon Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: December 17, 2006
When people talk about the happenings in the sixties and seventies, they always seem to talk about the idea of man walking on the moon. Unfortunately though with the truth comes the nay-sayers of society, the people who seem to think that no American actually ever set foot on the moon's surface and that the entire thing was a hoax. You may ask why would the American government do such a thing as to trick their own people, well let me tell you a little story called the Cold War. When President Kennedy said that we we're going to beat the Russians into space, he was making a promise he didn't know if he could keep. The Russians were the first people from Earth to put a man into space. So in a last ditch attempt to save face, I believe the American government decided to pull the greatest hoax of all time

In 1969 Neil Armstrong did what people thought would be impossible, he walked on the moon's surface. When Mr. Armstrong completed this unbelievable act, he said the following words "That's one small step for man…One giant leap for mankind." With those words, Armstrong sent the world into the Space Age. No longer was man restricted to the boundaries of the Earth, we had the technology to go to the moon. The objectors question if we actually made it to the moon, or was the static heard in the video of Armstrong just a clever rouse used by the production crew of the most expensive movie ever. There are many theories on this subject, and the theories do not go without plausible proof. If there isn't any wind on the moon's surface, then why in the videos of men on the moon, do we see a waving flag? NASA experts say that the flag is waving because of the fact that when planted, the flag had to be shaken into place, thus creating the illusion of a ripple. If when the lunar lander took off from the moon's surface, didn't it use a whole lot of force to get back to the main spaceship? If it did use such a force, then would there not be a crater under the spot from which it...
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