Did the Romans civilise Britain

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Roman Republic Pages: 3 (1108 words) Published: March 16, 2014
This essay is about how Britain changed Britain, and how they brought civilisation to it. The definition of civilisation has been questioned over the centuries. There are many different meanings of the word but in the Romans case it is “The type of culture and society developed by a particular nation or in a particular era or time.”In other words, this is what the Romans did to Britain. In particular, I will discuss the Roman invasion and the effect the Romans had on housing and roads. Before the Romans invaded, Celts lived in Britain. There were no towns so most people lived in villages and were farmers. People were separated into tribes ruled by kings or chiefs. Chiefs were the leaders in battle; they would lead warriors into battle in chariots pulled by horses. For defence against enemies, they built forts on hilltops. The hilltop forts were a good method of defence as they had earth banks and wooden walls. There were no roads in Britain because people travelled by boat or along paths. Some Celts did travel across the sea to trade with other Celts who were in the Roman Empire. The Romans ruled Gaul which is now France. Julius Caesar joined the Roman army and became an army commander. He wanted to make Britain part of the Roman Empire. In 55 B.C, Julius Caesar invaded Britain but the Celts fought well and bravely so Caesar returned to Gaul. Caesar was quick to return, but this time he was well prepared with 30,000 soldiers. Caesar claimed a hill fort but then he travelled back to Rome as he did not think Britain was worth a long war. Julius Caesar was the first Roman commander to invade Britain. After nearly 100 hundred years in AD 43 the Romans returned. Emperor Claudius invaded Britain this time. The Roman army conquered the south of Britain, which was then made part of the Roman Empire. Celtic houses were round houses made from mud and wood, with thatched roofs. Houses were made from wood as there was lots of wood in the forests. To heat the houses Celts...
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