Did My Car Join Al Qaeda

Topics: United States, Rhetoric, Appeal Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: February 2, 2012
After reading the essay by Woody Hochswender, “Did My Car Join Al Qaeda,” I found that it was very persuasive because he had convincing support for his point of view. Being a SUV using a lot of gas doesn’t make him a bad person or responsible for what’s going on in Al Qaeda no more than me standing in a garage makes me a car. It is no secret that SUV’s burn a lot of gas

Hochswender really applied a lot of emotional appeal (pathos) to his witting. When he started off he went straight to the heart to ask, “Does that mean I’m a bad person,”(pg.154) because he drove an SUV. No, this does not mean that. Then he goes on to talk about how bad the conditions are where he lives and how having a SUV allows parents to transport their children safely to school and sporting events. Most people are very sensitive when it comes to the needs and safety of children and he appealed to that emotion.

As it relates to ethical appeal (ethos), Hochwender suggests that Americans are in some way responsible for the events of 9-11 by stating “Those who implicate Americans... validate the terrorists as essentially right.” This statement alone strengthens his argument that being the owner of an SUV does not make you an enemy. Being the driver of an SUV in no way indicates that you agree with 9-11 or any other terrorist related activities.

In addition the author appeals with reason (logos). He explains that they had 70 inches of snow last winter and to make things worst when it melted it would re-freeze into black ice, justifying why it was more than necessary to own a SUV.
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