Did Mary I deserve to be known as Bloody Mary?

Topics: Mary I of England, Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII of England Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: October 6, 2013

Did Mary I deserve to be known as Bloody Mary?

Mary I was the queen of England and Wales from 1553 to 1558. She was born in 1516 and died in 1558 aged 42. Mary was the daughter of Henry VIII and the catholic Catherine of Aragon. Soon after she became queen, on the death of her half-brother, Edward VI, she married Philip II of Spain. She hoped he would help her make England Catholic again, as she was determined to stamp out Protestantism belief. During her short reign over 300 Protestants were burnt at the stake because the queen considered them heretics (for not accepting Catholic teaching). Mary was a sick woman, and she died after a reign of only five years. She was succeeded to the throne by Elizabeth I. Mary had had a traumatic childhood which probably contributed to her vindictive actions within in her reign. Her father Henry VIII had wanted above all to have a healthy son, so that the Tudor family could continue in power and civil war would be avoided. His father, Henry VII, had arranged for him to marry Catherine of Aragon, widow of his brother Prince Arthur. Henry and Catherine sadly were only blessed with one child, a daughter, Mary, and not the son that Henry had wanted. After a twenty years marriage, Henry VIII fell in love with another woman, Anne Boleyn. Anne was much younger than Mary’s mother, Catherine so Henry planned to marry Anne Boleyn and hopefully have the legitimate son that he had always wanted. He asked the Pope to let him divorce Catherine but the Pope refused because remarriage was forbidden by the bible. After many years of arguments Henry decided the only way to get what he wanted was to brake away from the Catholic Church and make himself head of the Church of England turning England into Protestant country. This dramatic event started the English Reformation. Some modern historians think Mary has been treated unfairly in history books. In terms of the number of people that were executed within her reign...

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By Corinne Elliott
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