Did Gandhi Live A Meaningful Life

Topics: Meaning of life, Individual, Individual rights Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Did Gandhi live a meaningful life?

I believe that Gandhi lived a very meaningful life for many reasons. However, firstly I feel the need to define what is a meaningful life before talking about if Gandhi lived one. I believe that every person has their own proper definition of what a meaningful life is to them, which is dependent on many aspects such as how the life was lived, where the life was lived and who the life was lived with. I think that to have a meaningful life you first have to have a purpose into how you are going to live your life. This purpose may come to people later in their life while others will know their purpose from the start but I believe that to lead a meaningful life you need to know in which direction you are heading. I think that goals need to be set and a plan to achieve those goals. You need to have a meaning in your life to have a meaningful life. I think that individuals who create this purpose such as Gandhi live meaningful lives. Gandhi’s purpose in his life was to make life better for all people as he dealt with poverty issues, individual rights, economic issues and more. He accomplished many different things in his life and changed the life of others forever. Gandhi went on a pursuit to change the world around him as his famous quote states “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. He impacted millions with his actions and I believe that this was his purpose and therefore he did lead a very meaningful life.
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