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Dictionary Titles in the Series
English Language:
Easier English Basic Synonyms

0 7475 6979 7

English Study Dictionary

1 9016 5963 1

Easier English Student Dictionary

0 7475 6624 0

English Thesaurus for Students

1 9016 5931 3

Specialist Dictionaries:
Dictionary of Accounting

0 7475 6991 6

Dictionary of Banking and Finance

0 7475 6685 2

Dictionary of Business

0 7475 9680 0

Dictionary of Economics

0 7475 6632 1

Dictionary of Environment and Ecology

0 7475 7201 1

Dictionary of Hotels, Tourism and Catering Management

1 9016 5999 2

Dictionary of Human Resources and Personnel Management

0 7475 6623 2

Dictionary of ICT

0 7475 6990 8

Dictionary of Marketing

0 7475 6621 6

Dictionary of Medical Terms

0 7475 6987 8

Dictionary of Military Terms

1 9038 5620 5

Dictionary of Nursing

0 7475 6634 8

Dictionary of Science and Technology

0 7475 6620 8

Check your English Vocabulary Workbooks:

0 7475 6626 7


1 9016 5928 3

English for Academic Purposes

0 7475 6691 7


0 7475 6627 5


0 7475 6981 9


0 7475 6982 7

0 7475 6984 3

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General editor
P.H. Collin

Second edition published 2004
First published in Great Britain 2001
© Copyright P.H. Collin, F. Collin, S.M.H. Collin 2001
This edition © Copyright Bloomsbury Publishing 2004
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
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P. H. Collin

Editorial Contributors
Penelope Hands, Howard Sargeant

Text Production and Proofreading
Katy McAdam, Joel Adams,
Daisy Jackson, Sarah Lusznat

This dictionary contains the most frequently used words in English and provides the basic vocabulary needed for everyday communication by anyone starting to learn the language. It is especially useful for elementary and pre-intermediate students of all ages and would be suitable for those working towards an elementary level English examination such as KET or PET.

Each word is individually defined, and no words, not even adverbs, are given without a definition. Examples are included for many words to provide patterns for the user’s own production of English sentences.

Each word, including compound words and phrasal verbs, has its own easy-to-find main entry in bold type. Each word has a pronunciation in the International Phonetic Alphabet. Common phrases and idioms associated with the main term are shown in bold type and separately defined within the entry.

The meanings of the main common senses of each word are given clearly and simply, using a limited and easily understood vocabulary. Meanings are grouped together by their part of speech.
Extra help is offered in Notes at the end of some entries. These include warnings about words which can confused with each other, unusual inflected forms and regularly collocating prepositions. The major differences in US and British spelling are noted.

A useful companion to this dictionary is Easier English Basic Synonyms which compares and contrasts words with similar...
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