Dick's Sinks the Put

Topics: Golf, Sport, Sports equipment Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Dick’s Sinks the Put
When it comes to sporting goods, there are not many stores to choose from. Of the few stores around the United States, there are two stores at the top. These stores being: Dick’s Sporting Goods and Academy Sports and Outdoors. Auburn and the surrounding area are lucky enough to have both. They each have their pros and cons, like any store, but for the sport enthusiast Dick’s is the way to go. In Auburn, Alabama my general census stays true that Dick’s Sporting Goods is the better of the two due to its convenience, goods and services, and price compared to quality.

Here in Auburn, we are lucky to have the two biggest sporting goods stores at our disposal. It takes anyone in the Auburn area about fifteen minutes to arrive at either of the stores. Since the stores are so close to each other, they are competing for each and every customer. On a convenience level, for other items outside of sporting, Dick’s Sporting Goods wins hands down. Dick’s is surrounded by many other stores like Target and Kroger while Academy Sports sits alone across from a car dealership. This allows for customers at other stores to be much more inclined to come in to Dick’s. People looking at cars at the dealership across from Academy Sports are not as likely to walk into a sporting goods store. The two stores use the same concept for their layout. They put the sporting goods on the exterior wall and clothing apparel on the interior. Having both stores using this form of layout makes it much easier to tell who is using the space more wisely. Dick’s in all aspects uses it the way it should be done. In Dick’s one can see the entire store, but when at Academy all one can see is isle upon isle. The only plus going for Academy Sports is their use of the storefront. They are able to use the outside part of the store to house bigger items, like grills and playgrounds.

The most important part about any store is the merchandise. Dick’s Sporting Goods and Academy Sports...
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