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Administration and Politics Dichotomy
When taking the time to analyze a little more the subject of public administration there are several things to keep in mind. Even though it may seem a bit difficult to define Public administration in order to be able to specify in detail all the areas and roles it plays in our country. Public Administration has been established in order to assist with the good order and discipline. It has been place to empower our country by implementing rules and policies that reach many of the government branches such as legislative and judicial. Now it is important to know that the first person who wrote an article on Public Administration 1887 was Woodrow Wilson. He raised the concern on politics and administration dichotomy. While Woodrow was fearless when engaging his believes many did not agree with his view. Dichotomy One of Wilson’s bravest expectations in reference to the relationship between politics and administration was based on being able to divide the administration from the field of politics and focus on the organizational model totally. His ideas were use as principle guide even though many didn’t believe it was possible. It was obviously the government decision makers were not able to agree with his view. Woodrow biggest fact was in reference to the relationship with all the other countries who based on the bad political issues has affected the operational side as well. It seems in Woodrow point of view was with the intent to assist by drawing a line between the structure relationship among politics and administration. In many democratic countries the union of politic and administration was causing damages on the functions of the bureaucratic government. It may seem hard to understand his point of view when all we have believe is that politic and administration most go hand and hand. During Woodrow article he gives plenty examples of other countries such as Europe, and England. He also stated how in...
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