Topics: Max Weber, Bureaucracy, Authority Pages: 4 (1423 words) Published: May 12, 2013

Transcript for Talk Show
Megan Reed

American Military University
PADM 510 Administrative Theory
Dr. Kristen Obst
9 May 2013

Good morning this is Megan Reed from PADM news radio station and the topic of discussion today is politics and administration when it concerns policy. My guests are Max Weber, Frederick W. Taylor and Luther H. Gulick. Megan: I would like to open the discussion by asking a little about each of your past and what hobbies interest you. Let’s begin with you Mr. Weber, where are you from and what type of activities interests you besides political science? Max Weber: Well I was born in Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany, on April 21, 1864. My father, “Max Weber Sr, was a prosperous right-wing politician whose governmental posts included a seat in the Reichstag.”(Para 1, pp. 21). My mother “Helene Fallenstein Weber, was a cultured liberal woman of the Protestant faith and the daughter of a well-to-do official.” Actually, my interest or hobby falls along the lines of spirituality or embracing my Christian roots. Megan: Well, that sounds very fascinating, would you like to share your background Mr. Taylor? Frederick W. Taylor: Sure, I was “born in Philadelphia on March 22, 1856, into a family with deep roots in American culture and a strong religious heritage.” My father “Franklin, was a fourth-generation English Quaker” and my mother, “Emily, and sixth-generation English Puritan. I had lived in England, France and Germany between 1868 and 1871”(Para 3, pp. 56-57) and to be quite honest, it taught me to dislike traveling, probably because I felt that I was being uprooted so often. My hobbies are participating in sporting activities such as tennis and theater. Megan: It’s beginning to sound as though Germany is a popular place, as both men either resided or visited the location. What about you, Mr. Gulick had you ever been to Germany and can you share a bit about your background? Luther H. Gulick: Well oddly enough, yes I...

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