Diary of a Water Molecule

Topics: Water, Water cycle, Evaporation Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Day 1 –Evaporation- My parents are dead. Actually they just disappeared. I heard them talking about getting warm and then they just disappeared. I heard some older water molecule calling it evaporation. I did not like the sound of it but I had to find my parents. My friend Zach agreed to help me. Today we were watching sharks attack a school of salmon when it happened, I felt weirdness. Everything started to warm up, like my parents had said. Zach felt it too. Looks like we were going to evaporate together. Other water molecule started to go up around us and then we were floating. Day 2 – Condensation- After floating around with Zach, asking about John and Lana Zaches (my parents), we sensed a chill in the air. Zach and I decided to get other molecules and huddle for warmth or condensate. Now there were about fifty molecules all around us I could ask. But then I fell asleep. Day 3 – Precipitation- Our cloud has been slowly moving. It getting a lot colder, I think we are moving into the Arctic. I still haven’t lost hope in finding my parents. I was asking the water molecules around me. Since there were new water molecules joining us I never ran out of people. I even met my Uncle Gary, but he didn’t know anything. Then Zach and I started to sink. But before we did we turned to snow. Then we fell or precipitate on a state called Pennsylvania. Day 4 –Percolation- I landed on a tree. Some kids were outside in a bunch of clothing. I think they were playing in the snow. Then I started to percolate into the tree. Day 5 – Transpiration-While in the tree I met a leaf. He said that he saw my father a day of two ago. It was my first lead. I asked him the fasted way out. He said that it was to pass off though him. Zach explained how it was actually called transpiration. Suddenly I was doing it I was following in my father’s footsteps. Day 6 – Snow- I was again snow on the ground. I could really move so I was afraid that my father was getting away from. I had to keep going....
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