Diary of Old Major

Topics: The Animals, Meaning of life, Newcastle upon Tyne Pages: 1 (441 words) Published: October 21, 2007
Dear Diary,

Today is the start of the novel "Animal Farm" and guess what; I'm the first animal to be mentioned in this first section of the book. Ha Ha Ha I'm the greatest pig in the story ain't I? That's all because of course I'm the leader of the rest of the animals. In this farm, I took control over the living condition and dealt with all the problems there are. Today I gathered all of the animals for a brief session of meeting and I started off by telling my dream to them. Not so important about my dream, I began talking to them how I really felt right now. There's something deep down inside of me that just really triggers my feeling of resentment. Hatred surrounds me and rebellion is just in the air. I explained to the flock that we as animals are not treated equal at all by humans. For example, animals grew old; we fought for a living, and in the end what do we get? Our meats sold to the butcher, we are killed selfishly, and eaten by humans. Life is hard and I know we all can't deny it. Why must we be born into this crucial world where this unfair life is in front of our very own eyes? Why must I be suffering while humans seem to enjoying themselves each and every time I notice? Only one hardest fact that I've been trying so hard to accept all my entire life, is that pigs are sent with one purpose in this life which is to be eaten as meat. That specific phrase had been haunting me since I was born until now and it is the answer to the question of how cruel this life is. In my eyes, humans are just ‘the only dumb creatures that consumes without producing' besides that, I have a dream and vision that one day all animals in England live freely in harmony without the disturbance of humans. After all that, I introduced a song that is surely an important anthem to us, it is called "Beasts of England". As we all sang this song, the presence of joy in all the animal's eyes came before me and feeling of pride was also felt knowing that everyone...
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