Diary Entries From Hamlet

Topics: Characters in Hamlet, Hamlet, Murder Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Dear Diary- 2/3/13
Today absolutely was the worst day of my life. I feel sad from the bottom of my heart because my father was found dead. I did not believe it when I had first heard the news, and still have trouble believing it. The tears keep coming in waves with sadness and I can't help to stop them. I feel this foreign feeling starting to well in the pit of my stomach from all this grieving. My father was a great King and good human being who served his country well, I hope to be just as good as him being king.

Dear Diary- 3/6/13
It has been one month since my father has passed away and I couldn't believe it when I heard that uncle Claudius is planning to marry my mother while I am still crying and grieving for my fathers’ death. How is it possible that my mother is finished grieving? I mean it's only been one month and she's remarrying. And on the other hand my uncle; my fathers’ brother seems to be as well over his brothers’ death quit quickly. Also with this marriage my kingship is now gone which might be a good thing considering I’m still grieving.

Dear Diary- 3/7/13 (Afternoon)
My fathers back from the dead! Could it be true? Is Horatio speaking the truth? He is a scholar, but are his eyes playing tricks on him? I will go and look for my self tonight!
Dear Diary- 3/7/13 (Late night) 3/8/13 (Very early morning)
It is true my father is alive! Not as a living human or zombie but in the form of a ghost. My father has told me about how he was murdered, not died by a heart attack. My father's murder has now brought me out of my grieving state. I must seek revenge, it is merle just an act out of my madness. My revenge has to be wisely thought out. I will reveal Claudius, and kill him at the right time. I swear on my father's grave, I will o hat my father instructed me to do; kill Claudius.

Dear Diary- 3/9/13 (Afternoon)
I met with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. They were acting very weird. I hope that I could trust...
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