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Diane von Furstenberg is known as many things. A daughter, a mother, a fashion designer, the list goes on and on, but most importantly she is a pioneer for women. In 1972, she turned the fashion world around with her signature wrap dress that changed women’s fashion forever. Today, she runs a fashion powerhouse that in many ways wasn’t supposed to exist. To discover the woman that Diane von Furstenberg is today, we must first tell the story of her mother. She was a prisoner of war in Germany during the Second World War. She lived there for fourteen months, and when she finally got out she weighed at a staggering forty-nine pounds. After being told for two and half years that she could never have children, she had her miracle child. Diane says that her mother’s story made her the woman she is today. Diane once told Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, “The only thing [my mother] told me was that fear is not an option-and the other is that you have to be your best friend.” From early on she knew the type of woman she wanted to be: independent, decisive, and strong. Diane was studying economics at the University of Geneva, when she met Prince Egon von Furstenberg. It was a fast romance, they quickly became engaged and at 21, Diane became pregnant with her first child. The couple moved to America, where they had their second child. Shortly after, Diane started her own business. She achieved success early on, accomplishing many of her accolades with little help, or experience in the fashion industry. Diane always had a clear vision for her brand; she understood what women wanted to wear, and most importantly how they wanted to feel wearing their clothes. In 1972, von Furstenberg created the “Feel like a women, wear a dress” campaign. The movement of jersey fabric and the easy designs of Giorgio Sant’Angelo and Halston greatly inspired her to create a comfortable garment that made women feel sexy. During this time women were wearing more gender-neutral...
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