Diana Eck

Topics: Religion, Christianity, Human Pages: 4 (991 words) Published: July 27, 2014
Recreation of “We”

Multiculturalism through globalization has challenged our society to adapt with the times by thinking of world religions as more of a brotherhood of faith rather than a threat. In the last chapter of the book Encountering God, the author Diana Eck puts an emphasis on the interdependent world we live in and how we, as human beings will need to approach today’s problems as a whole if we wish to overcome life’s various hurdles. Evidence of the interdependent world we live can be seen by observing the statistics of the relatedness of population growth and the growth of poverty and illiteracy to the growth of carbon dioxide emissions and the pollution of the seas, stripping of forests, extinction of plant and animal species (Eck, Pg. 200, 2003). Eck states that in this interdependent world, there will always be a consequence for every action made and the world as a whole will inevitably have to deal with the repercussions one way or another. Interdependency does not just stop with nations and the environment or economy; it also describes people, religious traditions and cultures. (Eck, Pg. 202, 2003). Since everything is mutually dependent on each other weather it being religion, the economy or the environment, society needs to consciously act on each physical or mental dilemma with everyone’s best interest in mind. The first step into transforming the world religions into a brotherhood of faith, is taking care of the major issue that all religions face today which is the perceived “we” language of each religion that seems to divide our society rather than unite them. Eck describes that the “we” language that’s evident in every religion as a sociological matter as well as a theological issue that seems to reflect our “deepest” religious values. (Eck, Pg. 203, 2003). She challenges the reader to ask themselves if there use of the word we links people or divides people. According to Eck, in every tradition there seems to be at least some...

Bibliography: Eck, D. (2003). Encountering God. Boston: Beacon Press.
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