Diana's Disappointment Summary

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Emotional intelligence Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Diana’s Disappointment: the Promotion Stumbling Block Summary Emotional intelligence is a set of abilities related to the understanding and use of emotions that affect social functioning. There are many facets of emotional intelligence, some of which include: self-awareness, other awareness, emotional regulation and use of emotions. Like cognitive ability, emotional ability is very important for people, allowing them to work effectively in social situations. It allows one to understand others’ emotions, engage in introspection, recover quickly from emotional experiences and it allows for proper use of emotions with respect to a particular situation.

The article, Diana's Disappointment, illustrates to the reader how poor emotional intelligence affects Diana’s relations with her subordinates and hinders her promotion. The story is basically about Diana, who had been working in a dining restaurant chain for twelve years, working her way up from waitress to general manager. The company had given her the title, “Restaurant manager of the year”, entrusting her with the responsibility of managing their flagship location. Diana applied for the position of district manager, believing that it might be a good time to get promoted; however, the result disappointed her. Ultimately, her supervisor told her that she could not be promoted as the district manager position was given to Diana’s colleague. Diana burst into tears and left the room disappointed in the fact that her colleague, whom Diana had trained herself and had only been working with the company for three years, had been granted the position of district manager before her.

Diana’s self-awareness and other awareness are lacking. Diana worked hard and did a fantastic job increasing sales, and receiving few customer complaints, but the number of turnover among her staffs was high. The reason was that Diana had high standards for herself and employees. She operated the restaurant rigidly “by the book” and never...
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