Diamonds in North America

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Critical Essay: Diamonds In North America

Denise Bourgeois, Courtney Johnson, Reginald Coleman, Francis Richards

University Of Phoenix


People, Science, and the Environment
Sunny Ryerson

August 31, 2006

Workshop 4
Diamonds in North America

“Don’t you know diamonds are a girl’s best friend?” Many female pop stars throughout the ages have sung about this precious gem. What is it about this element? Is it because its peculiar shape, variety of colors and flawless clarity? Who knows? The fascination of this gem has been in effect since the dark ages. To find one or even purchase one makes someone feel like royalty. A country that mines diamonds is very rich and economically sought out. In this paper, the diamond mines that were established in Canada will be discussed.
Many diamond mines are located in the continents of Africa and Asia. That is why the world was at awe to find that the continent of North America possessed these mines as well. As a matter of fact, the past decade, Canada has manufactured 15% of the world’s diamonds. In 1989, Canadian geologists stumbled upon a dig site that contains “pipes”. Pipes are the veins that carry diamonds to the surface from great depths (Raven-Berg, 2005). In 1991, the company DiaMet found 81 diamond pipes. It was not the first diamond find in North American but it was the first major commercial deposit (Arctic, 2003). When the discovery was announced, it sparked the biggest staking rush in Canadian history. By 2002, over 300 pipes had been found in the Northwest Territories, 15 to 25 of them with economic potential. Many large diamond companies continue to explore the significant diamond potential of the Northwest Territories.
After the discovery of the diamonds, the once quiet area of land had an outburst of activity. The area became a “hot spot” for diamond discovery.

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