Topics: Kidney, Nephrology, Chronic kidney disease Pages: 4 (1221 words) Published: August 9, 2010
Living On Dialysis
By Ruth Bautista

Change is unsettling to most people. And one of the most unsettling change we experience is life is having an illness. Illness brings unwanted change and it also brings unwanted emotions. More often than not those emotions do not feel safe. These cause us to feel out of control and without foundational security. It causes us to lose our moorings and set us adrift on a frightening sea of unfamiliarity. Take patients with kidney failure for example. Most of the people who first told that they have a kidney failure and that they will need dialysis are worried and confused. Dialysis is a dreadful procedure but it helps to prolong the life of a person who has a kidney failure.

Dialysis is a medical process through which a person's blood is cleansed of the toxins the kidneys normally would flush out. It is generally used when a person's kidneys no longer function properly. Depending on the person, dialysis can be temporary or permanent. For patients who are not a good transplant candidate or condition did not alleviate after kidney transplant need to be in a life-long routine of dialysis. What is Kidney Disease? As defined by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), it is the disorders that affect the kidneys. Kidneys are the two organs that remove waste products, produce certain hormones, and regulate the level of chemicals in blood. Kidney failure may develop suddenly or over a period of time, and although patient may become very sick, kidney failure is treatable and you may recover with partial or complete kidney function. The causes of kidney failure include infections, injuries or loss of blood supply to the kidneys. There are several ways to treat a patient with kidney failure. Kidney failure can be treated by a combination of methods. These include diet, medication, and possibly dialysis. Another option which may be possible for a patient is to consider a kidney transplant. However, one of the most important aspect of...

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