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Emily goes into a new school and makes many friends.
Donna, the most popular girl in school envy’s Emily’s life and finds ways to destroy her. Bess and Liz are Emily’s best friends. Bess is smart and tries to protect Emily from Donna’s evil agendas.


Emily: Hey Bess can you come to my house for a sleepover?
Bess: Um, I’m not sure I have to ask my mom
(Miss Lily stares at them with a hand on her hip)
Emily: We’ll have a lot of fun, Donna and Liz are coming over too. Bess: O.M.G, Donna? ! seriously ?, she’s coming over!!
Emily: Yeah, why do you sound so surprised?
Miss lily: Girls please get out of my class!
Bess: But teacher, what did we do?
Miss lily: You girls have been talking non-stop during my class. Now for the last time I’m telling you to GET OUT! Emily: (whispers) Bess I think it’s better we go.
(They both leave)
Bess: Ugh! , I hate miss Lily! , what’s her problem?
Emily: Yeah … anyways, you were saying something about Donna? Bess: Donna is the most popular girl in our school , I’m surprised you don’t know anything about her. She’s a not a nice girl though and doesn’t like to talk to us.

Emily: Really? ! , I don’t know much about her but she seemed like a really nice girl when were chatting. Bess: Hmm, something’s not right, she never acts like that, this means she wants something from you… (School Bell rings)

Emily: My car is here, bye, see you at my house.
Bess: (thinking) Donna is a vicious girl with evil plans *sighs*, Emily is new here and doesn’t know much about her, I know there is a big reason to why Donna wants to come to that sleep over and I have to protect Emily but I need to find out what she wants from Emily.


Emily: Girls you’re just in time! Who’s in for a horror movie? Lets watch one! Donna: okay but I’m sitting next to you
(Bess is least interested in the movie and stares at Donna the whole time) (In the end of the movie a girl stabs Amanda ( the main character) with a knife) (Liz and Bess get scared while Donna smiles and Bess is not surprised to see that) Emily: Well that was one scary movie, I’m shivering

Donna: I was happy to see her die.
(Everyone looks at her in amazement)
Donna: Oh, uh… I mean uh… I was happy to see the bad girl got a beating. Liz: That didn’t even happen in the movie?
Emily: I’ll bring mango juice for you guys, be right back. Donna: Bess and Liz I have to tell you guys something about Emily… Liz: Well?
Donna: Emily is a bad girl, today I was chatting with her and she couldn’t stop backbiting about you guys and if I tell you guys the things she said you’d be really shocked. Donna: Liz she told me that you’re such a crybaby and that you’ve got a fat and ugly face. Bess she said that she doesn’t like you and that she’s just kept you her best friend for a few days. Bess: This is complete balderdash you liar! she won’t ever say something like that to me. Donna: I promise I’m not lying, don’t tell her this but she told me Liz’s biggest secret, Liz has plastic surgery on her face. (Bess and Liz look at her in utter amazement)

Emily: I brought mango juice
Emily: Lets play truth or dare.
(Emily spins the bottle)
Bess: Ah, Emily and Liz
Liz: Okay Emily, truth or dare?
Emily: Truth
Liz: If your best friend told you her biggest secret, would you keep it to yourself? Emily: Of course!
Liz: Then why didn’t you keep mine! , you betrayer!
(Donna looks at Liz)
Emily: What are you talking about! ?
Donna: Ahem, *yawns* I’m feeling tired, let’s just sleep.


(Bess and Liz sleep while Donna awake is thinking of evil plans and Bess also awake is aware that Donna can do anything to Emily right now) (Donna gets up and goes to the kitchen while Bess follows her) Donna: *Picks the lighter* Emily you shall die *evil laugh*

Bess: *Covers mouth and whispers* no!
Donna: *Goes back to the room, *holds Emily’s hair*
(Suddenly Bess opens lights)
Donna: *Lighter drops*shocked*...
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