Dialogue Essay

Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Stopping a friend.
(After Sam heard that his ex-girl who dumped him recently is going out with another man. He is drunk to the point of requiring subtitles when he talks. He now wants to go home but none of us is ready to go home. He is now insisting of driving home himself which isn’t possible because he could barely see us) SAM: I want to call Stacy; where’s my phone!

FELIX: Dude that’s a bad idea.
RON: Who’s Stacy?
FELIX: She’s his ex and she’s going out with, as she would put it ‘a pleasing man’. SAM: A pleasing man? Maybe I should go over and see this pleasing man (Holding his middle and pointing fingers in the air) FELIX: No don’t do that.

RON: Yeah, hit the road.
FELIX: You’re not helping.
RON: You are not helping; the poor boy needs revenge.
FELIX: Ok. First of all what he’s about to do is weird, and second, none of us is in a good shape to drive. SAM: Guys, guys. (Stomach rumbling) My decision is final; I’m going over there. I think I’m about to throw up. FELIX: NO dude not here. Let’s go to the restroom.

(At the restroom).
RON: So Sam, are you ready to rumble?
SAM: Give me a second.
FELIX: You’re not going to drive, are you?
SAM: Don’t worry, I’m fine.
FELIX: No, you’re not fine. Look at you, you can barely see or walk. You are in no state to drive; none of us are and besides you can be arrested for drink driving. (Tapping Sam’s left shoulder). You don’t want any more points on your driver’s license; do you? SAM: Dude you’re right, I shouldn’t drink and drive, I should overdrink and drive; that’s not in the laws. (Raising his hand for attention from the waiter) Hit me three shots of Tequila please. RON: Dude, I wanted this but not more than this, I think the last sixteen shots is enough for night. (Waiter addresses the table)

WAITER: May I help you, please?
FELIX: No, he’s just kidding. I think the previous tequila shots is working. SAM: What do you mean no, I said hit me three shots please.
RON: Oh sir, you don’t want to do that,...
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