Dialogue Analysis of Riders to the Sea

Topics: Woman, English-language films, Man Pages: 4 (1200 words) Published: May 12, 2013

a. To characterize

1) A hard-working woman

Cathleen: “Give me the ladder, and I’ll put them up in the turf-loft, the way she won't know of them at all, and maybe when the tide turns she'll be going down to see would he be floating from the east.

From this dialogue, we can see, that even she’s a woman, it doesn’t matter for her to climbing the ladder to put the bundle in the turf-loft.

2) Initiative Person

Cathleen: “Give me a knife, Nora; the string’s perished with the salt water, and there’s a black knot on it if you wouldn’t loosen in a week.”

In this dialogue, Cathleen was an initiative person because she was intiative to remove the black knot on the bundle.

3) A wise person

Cathleen : “Why wouldn’t you give him your blessing and he looking round in the door? Isnt’t it sorrow enough is on everyone in this house without your sending him out with an unlucky word behind him, and a hard word in his ear?”

From this dialogue, we can see that Cathleen is a wise person because she advised her Mom to give her blessings to Bartley.

4) A hysterical person (an excessive person)

Maurya: (crying out as he is in the door) “He’s gone now, God spare us, and we’ll not see him again. He’s gone now, and when the black night is falling I’ll have no son left me in the world”

In this dialogue, we can see that Maurya is kinda hysterical when Bartley kept go away.

5) A stubborn person

From this dialogue:

Maurya: “It's hard set we'll be surely the day you're drownd'd with the rest. What way will I live and the girls with me, and I an old woman looking for the grave?” [Bartley lays down the halter, takes off his old coat, and puts on a newer one of the same flannel.] Bartley: (to Nora) “Is she coming to the pier?” Nora: (looking out) “She's passing the green head and letting fall her sails.”...
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