Dialogue "An Ideal Family Situation"

Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 3 (1210 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Hi Jenny! You’re looking very upset. What’s wrong?
Hi! Oh, you do know that my mom and dad are going to divorce. No, I don’t. I’m very sad to hear it. But take it easy! Unfortunately, but about a half of American marriages are expected to end in divorce. Have you decided already with whom of your parents you’re going to live together? Oh, it’s such a difficult decision. I need to choose who is more important for me from my parents. Yes, a family unit is in the crisis. The divorce rate is incredibly high now. And this single-parent household...it’s wrong because a child should live with both of his parents. Yes, it’s true. You know, I always wanted to have an extended family, to live with my parents and grandparents. But don’t you know it’s such a problem to live with your grandparents. I have been raised in the extended family and I know all the disadvantages of such type of household I’m sure you’re exaggerating and there’re much less problems by living with your grandparents. Oh, Jenny, you just don’t know what it is! My parents and my grandparents have been quarreling all the time since my childhood. But the most annoying member of my family is my grandmother, the mother of my father. She has a narrow and outdated view of family life. I’m so sick of her! But she is your grandmother and you have to respect her in any way. Besides, you have to take into account her age. Many elderly people demand an excessive care and I think it’s very good for you and for your grandparents that you live with them. Really? But actually you still don’t realize what a problem it is. I think my grandmother has gone crazy many years ago. She is a kind of a paranoiac. What’s more I’m afraid that she’s a schizophrenic. She talks with herself all the time, waves her hands. So you see that your grandmother needs your care. All in all you look after her. And I’m very disappointed that I have no opportunity to associate more frequently with my grandparents, they...
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