Dialog Case Study

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Case Study
Dialog Telekom Limited: Leader in Mobile Telecommunication
Dialog Telekom, Sri Lanka's flagship Telecommunications Company operates Dialog GSM, the country's largest mobile phone network, and is a Subsidiary of the Telekom Malaysia Group. The company is also a key player in the Internet Service Provision Market with its state of the art ISP, Dialog Internet, and also operates Dialog SAT, the country's pioneer Mobile Satellite Service Provider. Following an aggressive entry in to the International Services Market, Dialog Global has established itself as a premier provider of International Services in Sri Lanka As espoused in its signature, "The Future Today", the company prides itself in its commitment to, and achievement trail in, Research, Development and New Technology introduction. Dialog GSM has the distinction of placing Sri Lanka as the first in the country in the region and among the first 40 countries in the world to support High Speed Packet Based Mobile Data Services with the launch of GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) in 2001. GPRS - a key element of 2.5G GSM, is a major step towards 3G (3rd Generation) technology, offering higher data speeds, packet based data communications and end to end IP (Internet Protocol) based connectivity. Dialog GSM extended its regional leadership in mobile technology with the introduction of Multi-Media Messaging (MMS) in 2002 placing itself among the first 35 networks in the world to support this break through mobile telecommunications technology, enabling the exchange of multi-media content between mobile phones and even to/from the Internet. In addition to the above cutting edge service developments, the company was instrumental in extending the scope of mobile telephony to mobile data and a host of value added applications within the first few years of its operation. Mobile Banking, mobile email, Information on Demand services, interactive Short Messaging services for entertainment as well as business applications were some of the Value Added Services (VAS) which were in commercial operation in 1998 well ahead of regional networks. The company's thrust towards the expansion of its portfolio of services continues with relentless momentum, the most recent additions being the Mobile-Wallet a state of the art mobile commerce application enabling secure payment for a wide range of products and services via a mobile phone and location based services. The network also provides a range of Voice Portal Services providing voice based entertainment services ranging from Sports news and greetings to the registration for medical appointments. The company prides itself in a customer servicing infrastructure which is unrivalled by any other service provider in the country. Powered by a dedicated staff of over 150 service professionals, the company provides 24x7 support for all its services to its customers. With the recent launch of its state of the art contact centre, billed as a flagship installation in Sri Lanka, Dialog's service agents are available round the clock via person to person interaction, web based chat and/or email to support the company's ever increasing customer base. The company believes in, and attributes its success to, the skills, dynamism and bountiful potential of the people of Sri Lanka. Through the years during which the company grew to being a hall mark for Sri Lankan technology excellence on the global mobile telecommunications map, it has also worked aggressively towards developing the potential of several segments of the community. Centered on its CHANGE - "Transforming Their Future Today" programme, a wide variety of community development initiatives have been initiated by the company, ranging from support for nationally recognised initiatives directed at uplifting the Hearing and Speech impaired, the Disabled and the nation's Children, through to the sponsorship of sports enabling Sri Lankan talent to be showcased on the international...
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