Topics: Debt, Debtor, Marriage Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: October 29, 2013
“Living in a semi – urban is indeed difficult where prices of the goods are too high especially when you don’t have money” said Mrs. Rosanie S. Surban, 33 years old, married with two children, currently working as secretary in LGU, Barangay 5, San Francisco Agusan del Surand whose husband is Mr. Ariel S. Surban, a plain househusband.

Mrs. Surban has salary of at least P8,000 per month and her husband is earning nothing. Her salary cannot suffice their household expenses, educational expenses for their children and other expenses. Because of this low income, the couple had started a small mini store since they reside near Agusan del Sur National High school and it is a strategic location. The capital they used was from the debt or so called “arawan”. The wife had decided to loan her salary for the improvement of their house yet one-half of her salary (P4,000) will be paid for her loan (P20,000). It is a good decision however the income earned from their mini store is now the source for household expenses and other extraneous expenses. Their business runs so good but along the way their neighbor opts to have debt from their store and in which some of these debtors unable to pay. They always pay their debts in “arawan” daily. Because the couple wanted to invest more, they tend to have other debts from the bank or so called “senimana”. In times of inability to pay their debts, they also have other debts in order to pay the current debts. In result, this makes their life harder because of a lot of debts they have and made the store to be closed. The couple also have an arguments because the wife stresses to her husband to apply for a job yet the husband won’t and still hoping for the income earning from the store (since the wife is working as secretary). Currently, the problem of the couple is how to pay their debts and sufficing their needs. PART II

Most Probable Cause and Most Probable Solution

Table 1
Probable Cause from the...
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