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Diagnostic Test 1

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Diagnostic Test 1
Present tenses
Write the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the sentences. Use only the present simply (e.g. arrives/doesn't arrive) or the present continuous (e.g. is/are arriving).
It's nearly half past ten. Do they always eat (they/always/eat) this late in Spain?
1 Carina __________ (enjoy) hospital dramas so she __________ (watch) ER every week.
2 Japanese cooking __________ (not use) a lot of dairy food.
3 __________ the interest rate __________ (usually/change) because of inflation?
4 Graham won't give up cigarettes. He __________ (smoke) about fifty a day.
5 Britney Spears __________ (stay) in the Waldorf Astoria on this visit to New York.
6 We __________ (take) a two- week winter holiday in Gstaad every year.
7 I __________ (feed) the neighbour's cat this week while she's in hospital.
8 The court __________ (not/usually/send) first-time offenders to prison, but it is possible in exceptional circumstances.
9 Then you __________ (mix) all the ingredients together quickly and __________ (put) the mixture in a hot oven for twenty minutes.
10 I can see the leaders. The three front runners __________ (turn) the corner into the stadium complex now.
11 Julie, listen to this. It's Thursday evening and I __________ (get) home really late from the club, and she __________ (say) to me...
12 Hewitt certainly __________ (not/play) his best tennis at the moment.
13 Hurry up and buy your sandwich! Here __________ (come) the bus!
14 'Sorry I haven't phoned. I lost my adress book.' 'Oh, you __________ (always/lose) your adress book! Why don't you keep everything on the computer?'
15 The part-time philosophy course __________ (consist of) twenty evening lectures and five full-day seminars.
16 __________ (you/think) we should allow more than an hour to get to the station?
17 We can't leave a ten-year-old child on her own. What on Earth __________ (you/think) of?
18 Don't ask him! He __________ (be) very difficult at the moment.
19 Would you like to try these champagnes? We __________ (taste) them to write a review for the wine club newsletter.
20 We __________ (guarantee) that you won't be disappointed with the performance of our new washing machine.

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