Di Evaluate How The Nature And Nurture Debate In May Affect The Physical

Topics: Genetic disorder, Nature versus nurture, Genetics Pages: 4 (2266 words) Published: May 16, 2015
Di evaluate how the nature and nurture debate in may affect the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of two stages of the development of an individual.

In this assignment I’m going to be looking at the pies for Kimberly Noel Kardashian and talking about the strengths and weaknesses on nature and nurture. The two stages that I will be talking about will be Adolescence and Adulthood which will involve the Physical, intellectual, emotional and social.

In our body’s we have cells which are 23 chromosomes, when you are created one chromosome is inherited from your mother and another from your father. The chromosome that you received at the time of conception when you are been created. There could also be different types of forms of the same gene they are called alleles. For example for the gene that determines your eye colour, there maybe could be an allele for brown or green eyes. Kim was born with brown eyes this is down to nature of the genes Kim had gained from her parents. This may be because there are mutations in the DNA code that forms different types of genes.

When being conceived you could gain brown eyes from your father or blue from your father if you were to receive an allele from your father which will determine you to get brown eyes. The reason being because brown is a very dominant allele, so the different forms of genes are caused by a mutation which is changes in the DNA code. That will also be true for medical conditions. There could be a faulty version of genes that may result in a serious medical condition. But on the other hand there could be no problems at all which will not cause any health problems. If a child had a medical condition will have to depend on factors including like what gene they would have inherited either father or mother. Even whether the gene that is inherited was either leading or declining, their environment or even any treatments they may have received. So any genetic disease or any...
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