Dhl Commercial - Marketing in Triad Countries

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International Marketing Management in the Mature/Triad Markets

Pre-class Assignment

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Irena Vida Francesco Zucchetta

Francesco Zucchetta

The aim of this paper is to analyse two advertisements of the same company in two different country of the triad market. I chose to analyse the advertising used by DHL in the US and Italian markets. DHL is a services company that “offers integrated services and tailored, customer-focused solutions for managing and transporting letters, goods and information”1 , as the company state in its website, and the concept is the same both in the english and italian version. The features required by customers in the US and Italy are almost the same regarding the basic expectations, but differs due to the different development of the service in the two markets. At first, a delivery service is required to be reliable: the costumer wants to be sure that the papers/goods will arrive at the expected destination and within the time agreed. Another key feature is the speed of service. Both privates and companies are looking for a service as fast as possible, not only within the home country but also at an international level. Physical delivery is only one of a wider variety of services that DHL offers. On the other side, actually, DHL is often called to answer to companies logisticʼs issues. Here we can find the main differences between the US and the italian markets. In the US, the environment is more dynamic, fast, developed and companies are usually bigger than in the italian market. Therefore the italian business culture of the small and medium enterprises is somehow backward compared to the US companies in terms of development of managerial issues. While in the US there is a “exceptionally well-developed logistics market”, in Europe, and definitely in Italy, the outsourcing of logistics activities is “widespread and gaining popularity. Many companies no...

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