Dhl Case Study

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DHL Bangladesh

Christina Bellenger

University of Phoenix

February 7, 208


DHL Bangladesh, a privately held subsidiary of DHL Worldwide Express, is a pioneer and was acknowledged as a market leader in the air express industry in Bangladesh. This rapid expansion required DHLB to increase the number of employees from 5 to 300. This also increased the workload for DHLB employees, especially for the human resource department. The HR department employed just three employees who had been working since 1994, when the company only had 150 employees. This caused a major situation to DHLB, because they considered people as their main source.

Mr. Nurul Rahman, vice president- human resources of DHLB, had to acquire a Human Resource Information System fitting to their needs. Mr. Rahman had to decide whether to obtain, smaller vendors software that would customize to the requirements or, DHL Pakistan’s successful software that would require modifying and adjusting, yet would enable connection to region wide DHL subsidiaries.

The advantages and disadvantages of the matrix structure

The advantages of the matrix structure are sharing and coordination between product divisions and geographic areas to allow cost efficiency and local responsiveness. Basically, this entails an organization working closely together and sharing information to achieve global success.

The disadvantages are things like how it slows down the decision speed, adds on many layers of management, and increasing cost without much performance improvement.

Nurul’s advantages and disadvantages with:

Proceeding with DHL Pakistan’s HRIS

The advantages of DHL Pakistan’s HRIS would bring all HR functions together under one database. The Pakistan HRIS is fully functional, and has proved successful. The HRIS is also the quickest way for regional...
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