Topics: Employee engagement, Gratitude, Employment Pages: 3 (678 words) Published: June 19, 2013
It gives me great pleasure to express my boundless sense of gratitude to each and every person who directly or indirectly helped me with hand and hand in completing this humble piece of work. 

First, of all I would like to thank Mr. Paresh Trivedi (Head Of I.R. Department)& Mr.Sanjay Oza (Manager-ER) under whose supervision and guidance this report was completed.

I am also very grateful to the management of my college where I have been studying, for allowing me to do the course and project.

I specially remember and extend my humble words of thanks to my internal guide Ms. Geeta Lal for her guidance. I am also thankful to my parents, classmates and friends who were in some or the other way helpful to me in successfully completing this research study.

It is my proud privilege to express my deepest gratitude to a number of helping hands for their indefatigable cooperation that enabled me to shape my study. Indeed this page of acknowledgement shall never be able to touch the horizon of generosity of those, who rendered help to me. It’s my utmost pleasure to extend my sincere gratitude to ARVIND LIMITED for offering me an opportunity to undergo summer internship programme in this esteemed organization .I offer my sober and earnest regards to MR.PARESH TRIVEDI, MR. DEEPAK VYAS, MR.JIGGER SHASHTRI AND MR.DILIP PATEL my corporate guide for their scholarly guidance &kind cooperation. Their keen interest and encouraging words at every step were a source of inspiration that enabled me tobroaden my sphere of domain knowledge. I am extremely grateful to MR.SANJAY OZA Senior Faculty and Guide whose timely guidance and illuminating suggestion inspired me inshaping the report in its existing form. I acknowledge special thanks to all the employees and staff members of different departments in ARVIND LIMITED for their ready to help attitude and support extended during the course of...

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