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Nestle Berhad Malaysia.

Company Background.
Today, Nestle is one of the leading Food and Nutrition Company in the world. Nestle has headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland. The business of nestle is supported by its strong network in more than 86 countries with more than 500 factories. Along with that the business also gets the benefit of its international R&D network. The Nestle factories are operating in the different countries of: 1. Asia

2. America
3. Africa
4. Europe
5. Oceania
As the company is in the sector of food and nutrition, it remains sensitive to being a company dedicated to food from the beginning, Nestle remains sensitive to culinary and eating habits, and responds to specific nutritional problems, whilst also setting and matching new trends such as growing out-of-home consumption and caring about the wellbeing of its consumers.

Objective, Vision and Mission.

Nestle’s aim is to become the global leader in Food and Nutrition Company and sustain that position. This objective of the company signifies that they need to work hard to stay ahead of Cadbury which is recently acquired by Kraft. Kraft is world leader in today's chocolate business and food and nutrition business.

"Nestle’s aim is to meet the various needs of the consumer every day by marketing and selling food of a consistently high quality." To achieve this vision Nestle has two steps to follow, first is high quality and collaboration, which is integral part of any food business to flourish and second is focus on e-business and websites. Nestle has started investing heavy in development of e-business and its promotion so as to capture clients in e-business sphere also.

"Nestle is dedicated to providing the best foods to people throughout their day, throughout their lives, throughout the world. With our unique experience of anticipating consumers' needs and creating solutions, Nestle contributes to your well-being and enhances your quality...
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