Topics: 1977, 1975, 1981 Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: October 29, 2014
History 100 Fall 2014 James J. Sack 1012 UH Office hours 10-1045 TTh and by appointment HYPERLINK mailtojsack@uic.edu jsack@uic.edu Books for this course may be purchased at the UIC Bookstore. They include Einhard and Notker the Stammerer, Two Lives of Charlemagne Joshua Cole and Carol Symes, Western Civilizations, Volume I (Brief, Third edition) Huppert, George, After the Black Death Plato, Trial and Death of Socrates In addition to the above four books, students are also to read St. Pauls Epistle to the Galatians, which is around seven pages, from the Christian Bible. There will be three fifty minute examinations the first, during the fifth week of classes the second, during the tenth week of classes and a final examination (which will not be cumulative) as scheduled in December by the University. On all three tests, students will have a choice between (1) an essay test, or (2) a 50 essay and a 50 identification test. There will be one class paper, requiring no outside reading. It will be discussed in class by the Teaching Assistants on Thursday, 4 September, and students will be given a set of instructions. Needless to say, arrangements in regard to tests or papers will be available for students with special needs. Readings Week of 26 August, Cole, 1-9. Week of 2 September, Cole, 9-51. Week of 9 September, Cole, 57-88 Plato, 1-58. Week of 16 September, Cole, 88-105. Week of 23 September, Cole, 51-55. Week of 30 September, Cole, 133-137 St. Paul, Galatians. Week of 7 October, Cole, 107-131. Week of 14 October, Cole, 137-155 Week of 21 October, Cole, 157-181, 201-207 Two Lives of Charlemagne General Introduction Life of Charlemagne by Einhart. Week of 28 October, Perry, 138-155 Two Lives of Charlemagne Life of Charlemagne by Notker the Stammerer. Week of 4 November, Cole, 183-201, 209-235 Huppert, Black Death, 1-79. Week of 11 November, Cole, 237-263 Huppert, 80-166. Week of 18 November, Cole, 287-307. Week of 25 November, Cole, 309-329. Week of 2...
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