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1. In the first chapter of introduction I have given the concept of library and its kinds and function of each kind of library and give brief information of each kind of library, problems, significance, aims and objectives, scope and methodology of research work. What is Library?

According to S.R Ranganathan Library means Universal and Self education by the individual Know that over 85% of students attend Indian college, It is important that immediate attention be given to the poor condition of college libraries. Library plays an important role in the education of millions of people. It is the real source of knowledge, without libraries no education will be complete. Libraries are very helpful to solve the many problems relating to education without libraries. It is very difficult to gain full knowledge. The Kothari commission 1966 said that no university, colleges or departments should be set up without taking in to account. Its Library needs in terms of staff, books, journals and space etc. The use of college library is not only useful but it is also indispensable. Without library it is impossible to maintain standards of teaching and study, without library teaching and learning process in not complete in every college the library now occupies a prominent position. It’s from important and integral part of the teaching process in the institutions. Library plays an important role to give education and extra Knowledge to the students without library study is not complete. Library play significant role in the universities and college education. The Radnan Krishanan commission on higher education stated that development of colleges and universities without libraries impossible. Library is part of educational institutions and the librarian is a helping guide and counselor to the reader. In many college a teacher is give additional charge of the library. He is vested with all the authorities for the library. The large majority of the college librarians suffer from inadequate books, stock and annual books grants. So keeping these views in mind the present study focuses on the historical development of the college librarian know the educationalist know the library status of library in the colleges. Kinds of libraries we may recognize the following:-

Types of library:
1. Public library
2. Special library
3. National library
4. Digital library
5. Academic library
Public library:- A public library is open for the public. It serves the public. By performing the functions of providing for recreation, information inspiration and education. It opens for everyone irrespective of age, sex profession, caste, class or creed. Thus the spectrum covered by a public library is invariably vast. The educational and cultural background of the clientele of such a library also varies considerably. A public library is maintained at public expenses, out of local rates and sometime by state taxes.

Special library- As the name suggests, a special library is confined to serve the needs of a specific group of clientele. A special library thus specializes in a particular subject or groups of subject or a particular form documents. The clientele of a special library could be children, old people patients, lawyers, prisoners, blind etc. A special library thus has got the document specific to the needs of its clientele. The clientele to served by a special library are often specialists or well informed in their area of specialization. National library: - National library is responsible for acquiring and conserving copies of all significant publications published in the country and functions as a “deposit library” either by law or under other arrangements. Some important function of a national library include producing a national bibliography, recording collection of foreign literature including books about the county, compiling union catalogues, and acting as national bibliographical information centre national...
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