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1 .A network connects computers and other devices together so that they can share data, information and resources. 2 Groupware allows users on a network to work together on the same project. Each member of the group can view the same document and immediately see the changes made by a colleague. 3 The advantages of using a network are in resource sharing, accessing remote services, facilitating communications and sharing data and information. 4 Resource sharing allows users to access a resource on the network only when they need it, thus not requiring each workstation to have its own connected resource, which saves the organisation money. 5Resources other than a printer that can be shared on a network include scanners, Internet connection, software, media files (for example DVD), fax machines and network storage and directory services. 6 Remote ordering services remove the risk of employees producing transcription errors since the customer directly enters their order. The employee’s time is not required to enter the order, again saving money. 7 Sharing files on a network avoids problems associated with data duplication since there only needs to be one version of the file that each user accesses when needed. Any updates or changes made to that file (such as a change to a client’s address) will be saved to the single file that everyone else accesses. If each user had their own version of the file it would create data errors since any change made would have to be made to every version and it would be easy for one user to use outdated data. 8 A blog is usually maintained by a single author and operates in a similar way to an online journal. Each entry is a text blurb that may contain links to other sites. Visitors may leave a comment, but do not have any direct impact on the content of the blog. A wiki, on the other hand, is a website that allows visitors to add material and to edit content entered by others. So a blog is better to use when someone wishes to create a website that expresses their thoughts and ideas, while a wiki is useful to represent the views of a community. 9 Many wiki sites allow any visitor to enter content. The visitor can be identified by their IP address. A user who causes mischief could be barred from future access by banning that IP address. Some sites have authorised users who can correct or remove malicious material. The best way to stop any unwanted material from being entered is to require users to be registered. This, however, reduces the openness of the wiki and cuts out the input from many people who are not prepared to become registered. 10 A thread is a collection of posts on a forum that relate to a common topic. The thread is started by someone posting an original comment which then opens a dialogue. The thread is identified by a title and a summary of the intended discussion. 11 A personal profile site, such as Facebook or Google Wave will allow users to create a profile webpage about themselves and their friends that includes stories, photos and comments. 12 A wide area network (WAN) is not geographically contained to a small area. It uses transmission media owned by someone else who is not part of the organisation. A local area network (LAN) operates within close geographical proximity and uses transmission media within the organisation. 13 Not only computers are connected to a network. A node refers to any computer or device (such as a server, printer, switch) that is connected to the network.

14 A client is a computer or device that requests data or files over a network. A server sends the data or files over the network to any client who requests them. 15 a A database server holds a large database that authorised users can access over the network. b A domain name server provides IP addresses.

c A proxy server copies all recently accessed webpages and files, and resupplies those to any network user if requested rather than going out on the Internet again to get that page. d An...
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