Topics: Police, Political party, Politics Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: September 17, 2011
Distinguished guests, respectable colleagues, ladies and gentlemen!

I have the honour to share with you my views on the present campaign of deweaponization

The government has started taking steps for imposing controls on illegal and prohibited weapons. All these intended measures are good and indeed should have been adopted a long time ago.

The free flow of weapons in the country started during the Afghan war. FATA, believed to be the source of this proliferation, the weapons sought to be seized by the government include rocket launchers, anti-aircraft guns, missiles, remote-controlled bombs, land mines, kalashnikov and other forbidden-bore rifles. The very existence of these advanced weapons of war and their proliferation on a large scale in the country is by itself very shocking and explains the growing incidence of violence and crime all over the country, posing a serious threat to peace and public order and to civil society itself. No wonder then that some of our cities are increasingly becoming a happy hunting-ground for criminals, terrorists and malcontents being aided by the easy and abundant availability of a large variety of deadly weapons to pursue their designs. This free flow of weapons also affected the educational institutes and unfortunately, many of our educational institutes transformed into the storehouses of such deadly weapons. Students- the future of our nation, instead of becoming good scientists and scholars started playing in the hands of people having their vested interests. They threw their books away and raised their hands carrying weapons in them. How sad it is……… Besides, in the rural areas, feudal lords maintain their own security forces which operate against tenant-farmers and rival feudals. In addition, many political and religious movements maintain armed militias. In the countryside they are more brazen, but even in the cities some political parties are not averse to having well-armed cadres - if not for outright...
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