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DeVry University
DeVry University was opened in Chicago by Dr. Herman DeVry in 1931. It was called DeForest Training School to prepare students for technical work in electronics, motion pictures, radio and later, television. It was in Chicago. In the 1940’s during WWII, DeVry University was selected by United States to educate Army Air Corps instructors on electronic devices. It was one of the first schools to be approved under the original G.I. Bill. In 1953 DeForest Training School became DeVry Technical Institute. 1973 Keller graduate School of Management was founded in Chicago. Today, DeVry Incorporated includes: DeVry University

Keller School of Management
Advanced Academics
American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine
Becker Professional Education
Carrington Colleges Group
Chamberlain College of Nursing
DeVry Brasil
Ross University School of Medicine
Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
DeVry University offers variety of Associates Degree, Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree programs with flexible schedule. This provides students to earn their degree at their own pace, while holding a full-time jobs or family responsibilities.

There are three types of Education in the U. S. Public-sector, which makes up 72% of higher education and approximately accommodates 18M students. There is Independent schools, which makes up 16% and accommodates 4M students and there is private-sector like DeVry, which makes up 12% and accommodates 3M students. According to Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce, in 1973, only 28% of U.S. jobs required a college education. By 2008, that number had increased to 59%. Today, most good jobs do require a college education. This shows college education is critical to the well-being of our workforce and nation’s economic future.

Students are now looking at an annual cost of approximately $20,000 per year for a public institution and nearly $40,000 per year for a private institution. Median family income rose by 147% since 1973, while college tuition and fees rose by 439%. Even with financial aid, the concern is that these trends will discourage many low and middle income students from considering college a realistic option and this in return lowers our national education level, reducing future economic growth and undermining the promise of equal education opportunity.

Today, plenty of people are applying for jobs, but the problem is a mismatch between the kind of skilled workers needed and the ranks of the unemployed. According to Molly Broad at the American Council on Education, “We are on a path for the first time to produce a generation of youth who have less education than the generation before them.” It’s always been that each generation does better than the last. Let’s take GI Bill for example. It is one of the greatest pieces of legislation we’ve ever passed. It gives people an opportunity to receive higher education and gave 7.8 million GI’s access to college.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research (the official arbiter of U.S. recessions), the recent recession began in December 2007 and ended in June 2009. Other statistics argues the U.S. economy has yet to return to pre-recession state. As a result enrollment at DeVry University for both the undergraduate and graduate levels continue to be negatively impacted by the prolonged economic downturn and low consumer confidence, trends being experienced across higher education.

The graph above shows the growth for private sector in the education department is growing. DeVry has taken corrective measures to recruit students and provide them with the education they need in order to be successful in their field of choice.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
The graph above states the different industries have been affected in the last six recessions. In 2007-2009 recessions every single industry was affected. However, employment has increased...

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