Devry Event Management Course Project

Topics: Rave, Festival, Event planning Pages: 10 (2535 words) Published: January 11, 2014
Hector Canales
DeVry University Online
HOSP 330
Kelli Price
December 15, 2013

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
2. The Challenge
3. Company Analysis
4. Customer Analysis
5. Competitor Analysis
6. Political Factors
7. Economic Factors
8. Social Factors
9. Technological Factors
10. Goals
11. SWOT Analysis
12. Product
13. Price
14. Distribution
15. Promotion
16. Rules for Entering Lalaland
17. Potential Problems
18. Staffing, Resources, and Facilities
19. Appendix
* Lalaland Line-Up
* Lalaland Guest Survey
* Lalaland Vendor Survey
* Lalaland Flyer

Executive Summary
I came into this scene when I went to reave called “Awakening” in 2008.After I attended this rave with some friends I decided I wanted to experience more of the rave scene and so I did. This so called rave scene has its own culture and community. When you become part of the scene you start to notice fellow ravers start speaking about P.L.U.R. which sounds like a mission statement. What it stands for is peace, love, unity, and respect. When you go to raves you can tell ravers follow this so called mission statement because they are friendly, giving, and helpful with whatever you need. Another thing I liked when I went to raves was when ravers were switching kandi with other fellow ravers. Kandi is a bracelet made out of beads. These bracelets are a symbol of unity between one another.

I want to bring people from different states or worldwide to one specific event, as well as want everyone to be in harmony and worry free for the stay and to let them know there can be a place of peace, love, and unity while the rest of the world is in distress. For that moment they could be mined free and get to know other people of different cultures and know there culture as well as become longtime friends through the event. My main goal is just to bring as many people across the globe to one setting and have it be a memorable event for them as well as for myself.

The Challenge
I definitely believe that this plan will succeed, because it is already known for more than 60 years, but never has been worldwide where all different cultures put in a place to just have fun and get to know one another on a different level. It seems unrealistic, but in my mind it is set to become real because I believe in myself and others who are with me on this movement of unity. I am one voice, but I have others on my side that will work with to promote internationally as well as in the United States. There will be businesses that will help with donating finances for this cause, and people in the community that will help promote this event in regards to flyers, word of mouth, twitter, and Facebook. Technology these days, it seems unlimited with the contact and promotions that I get to make this happen.

Company Analysis
LALALAND is going to work hard to ensure that the atmosphere for a good time is set in place. Bring your own good vibes and remember to smile at a friend.
Customer Analysis
A rave is any gathering of people centered around listening to and dancing to electronic dance music, as played by a set of live DJ’s. In today’s society a lot of people from the ages of 12-25 are in, dedicated, and trying to be part of the rave scene experience. People in society just want to make a one big dance floor.

Competitor Analysis
Midnite Sf: This is a San Francisco based event producer. Some of the events they produce in the Bay Area are GIVE THANKS, LOVEFEST, and PLURFEST. The event producer also produces events for DJ tours such ATB, MAT ZO, ARTY, AND INFECTED MUSHROOM.

Sensation White: This is a France based music festival. This music festival just started a tour in different states such CALIFORNIA, LAS VEGAS, and COLORADO.
Insomniac: This event producer is based in Los Angles, California. The event producer produces music festivals...
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