Devided City

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Divided City

‘Divided City’ by Theresa Breslin is set in present day Glasgow.

The story is about two boys called Graham and Joe and one is Protestant and one Catholic. They become best friends and play for the Glasgow City Football Team. Graham supports Rangers and Joe supports Celtic. The story tells us that religious hatred still exists in Glasgow. There is also a sub plot about an Asylum Seeker who gets stabbed by a gang and Graham finds him on the ground and stays with him until an ambulance arrives.

Joe lives alone with his dad. His mum is dead and because of this, Joe’s dad suffers from depression, as we can see from these lines:

“All the lights were off.
Joe heaved a sigh.
It had been a bad day then.”

This must be hard for Joe because he has to take care of his Dad. Joe is a Catholic and supports Celtic. We know this by the description of his bedroom:

“Joe opened the door of his bedroom and Graham stepped into a green grotto. Every inch of wall, floor ceiling was green and white. Carpets, curtains, rug, bedcover, reading lamp, wallpaper. Lampshade and all of the paintwork were the same colours. Posters of Celtic footballers past and present were pinned on the walls.”

I think this was very funny because Graham saw his room and he is a big Rangers fan. I wanted to see his face.

In the street where Joe lives there is sectarianism because there were slogans spray-painted on the walls:


I think this is terrible because that means some people can’t live there because of their religion or which team they support.

Graham lives with his mum and dad. His dad works as a dentist and his mum works in a lawyer’s office.

Graham is a Protestant and supports Rangers and he goes to the football matches with his Granda Reid:

“Going to the game, all together supporting their team. The Mighty Glasgow Rangers.”

It’s very good how his Granda Reid spends time with him but there are also sectarian issues:...
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