Devices Used to Create a Humorous Effect

Topics: Rhetorical techniques, Metaphor, Metonymy Pages: 3 (562 words) Published: October 13, 2014
I am going to show that the whole piece is aimed at entertaining the reader. Writers use different stylistic devices to create humorous effect. There are many comic effects used in this extract Dominant prose systems in this story are narrative and interior monologue, which overlap and go together t(he story is told by the 2 people simultaneously) The author uses this strategy not only to reveal character’s personality, but also to break the monotony, to create humorous effect. General tone of the author story is ironic, mocking, bitterly sarcastic. General tone of Theodoric is elevated, serious, formal. It’s obvious that the writer mocks at the protagonist. He contrasts slumbering, almost motionless Lady with too active Theodoric, and he also contrasts the mouse, which appears to control the situation with bewildered Theodoric. The effect is quite ironic. The author uses a wide spectrum of stylistic devices to produce a comical effect, to appeal to our imagination, to emphasize differences between characters. 1) Personification is a kind of metaphor in which animals, plants, inanimate objects or abstract ideas are represented as if they were human beings and possessed human qualities. Theodoric regards the mouse as ‘the intruder’. Animal is treated as a human being, for Theodoric this harmless animal is an enemy, which creates an air of incongruity. (Effect: to emphasize similarity) 2) Hyperbole is also a very important stylistic device to create a comic effect. It’s an obvious and deliberate exaggeration. ‘to crowd a Wanderjahr into a few strenuous minutes’

‘most audacious undertaking’
(Effect: used for exaggeration; to attract the reader´s attention; to emphasize statements) 3) Metaphor is a figure of speech that implies more of a comparison than a direct impression With the help of Metaphors the author puts emphasis on sth., appeals to our imagination, creates a vivid picture in our mind. ‘the confines of middle age’ Trite Metaphor

‘crammed with...
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