Devices That Tell on You

Topics: Customer, French press, Business intelligence Pages: 6 (1737 words) Published: April 8, 2012
1.Telecommunication BD
Personal sensing devices are becoming more commonplace in everyday life. Unfortunately, radio transmissions from these devices can create unexpected privacy concerns if not carefully designed. We demonstrate these issues with a widely-available commercial product, the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, which contains a sensor that users put in one of their shoes and a receiver that users attach to their iPod Nanos. Students and researchers from the University of Washington found out that the transmitter in a sneaker can be read up to 60 feet away. Through the use of a prototype surveillance system, the researchers could track someone wearing Nike+iPod sensors, plot their location on a GoogleMaps-based website and emai and text-messaging real-time surveillance data to anyone. See how this works: PROJECT FOCUS:

You are interested in deploying sensor technology in the cafe to help revamp operations. How would you address the following: * Many cafes are putting sensors on the bottom of cups to help alert the wait staff that a customer needs a refill.  Would you introduce this technology to the cafe?  If so, are there any concerns with using this type of technology? * What other types of sensors could you deploy throughout the cafe to help operations? What concerns would you have regarding these sensors? * Are there any current laws that you would need to be aware of when deploying wireless technology?  If so, what types of liabilities for potential lawsuits should you be aware of to protect the cafe?  If not, what types of laws should be created to help protect customers, employees, and the cafe?

Business is booming. The Broadway Cafe is operating better than ever and you have achieved your goal of driving operating costs down, which helps to drive revenues up.  One of your best new products is a small coffee press from China.  Customer can create a drawing on a special piece of paper that is sent to China and created as the outside of the coffee press.  Customers are ordering the presses for everything from children’s drawing for mother’s day presents to marriage proposals.  You also have many customers participating in the coffee-of-the-month and tea-of-the-month club where they receive two pounds of a unique blend each month from Brazil Beans and China Teas.  PROJECT FOCUS:

Yesterday, a dock workers union strike began and shut down all of the west coast shipping docks from San Francisco to Canada. Work will only begin when the union agrees to new labor contracts, which could take months. You need to quickly assess the impact of the west coast dock shutdown on the cafe. * How will you keep business running if you cannot receive your shipments from Brazil Beans, China Teas, and the custom coffee press machines? * What strategies do you recommend to help the business continue working while the supply chain is completely disrupted by the dock workers strike?

3. Relationship Management BD
Business 2.0 ranked "You - the customer" as one of the 50 people who matter now for 2006. Why You Matter according to Business 2.0: They have long said the customer is always right. But they never really meant it. Now they have no choice. You - or rather, the collaborative intelligence of tens of millions of people, the networked you - continually create and filter new forms of content, anointing the useful, the relevant, and the amusing and rejecting the rest. You do it on Web sites like Amazon, Flickr, and YouTube, via podcasts and SMS polling, and on millions of self-published blogs. In every case, you have become an integral part of the action as a member of the aggregated, interactive, self-organizing, auto-entertaining audience. But the You Revolution goes well beyond user-generated content. Companies as diverse as Delta Air Lines and T-Mobile are turning to you to create their ad slogans. Procter & Gamble...
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