Deviant Behavior

Topics: Sociology, Religion, United States Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: January 28, 2011
One man having more than one wife can be a deviant behavior depending on the country and a person's beliefs. Polygamy is considered normal and lawful in many countries, but it is outlawed in the United States. The people that believe in it say that monogamy is not natural and it oppresses the social structure. Those against it, say it is a religious offense, or that it violates a spouse's right to intimacy. The Mormon belief is that polygamy is holy and was practiced commonly in ancient times. Having more than one wife is not only natural it is expected in most cases. However in other societies, some believe it is not only wrong but it's also against the law. The law can be tricky at times especially when it involves religion because as long as a man is following the Mormon faith he can have more than one wife I think.

The majority of incarcerated people live below the poverty level because they can't afford to hire a good attorney and have to settle for the one appointed to them. However, those with money and power can buy just about anything, whether it's a good lawyer, or to bribe people in high places. The deviant behavior of the powerful is generally considered to be their business and would normally be ignored by society. Someone who is less powerful would have to accept it and deal with whatever punishment they are given. If the wealthy and powerful are lucky enough, they will do a short Federal prison time. The less fortunate go straight to jail or prison. For example, if an average person gets pulled over for a DUI, they will usually get their liscense suspended, serve 30 days or so in jail, and have large fines to pay. A person of power will most likely be able to post bond within a few hours and pay court fines as soon as they can.
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