Deviance: Acts of the Apostles and Deviant Careers

Topics: Acts of the Apostles, Person, Individual Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: July 1, 2002
The difference between a deviant act and a deviant career is different in many ways. For one to start off by talking about a deviant career. A deviant career has phases that the people involved in it go through.

The fist of those phases is entering the deviant career the second is being deviant and the third is exiting the deviant career. People involved in a deviant career also goes through "career cycles- entree, upward mobility, peaks, aging, burn out, and getting out". Also "Patterns for deviant careers are more flexible and varied". As for deviant acts there are different types of deviant acts. These acts consist of individual deviant acts, cooperative acts, and then there is a conflict that may occur. The entering a deviant career consist of a person becoming more acquainted with a deviant act usually changes the company that they keep. Changing the company could be any thing from making new friends or hanging out at different places. People often either shift into a deviant career by them selves or with other people. The type of deviant act is different from that of a career.

The first type is called individual act. Individual acts are usually done by ones self with out the help of other people. One person usually does the act itself. Individual acts can also be self induced, thing like a person" taking their own life alcoholism" and a person with a compulsive gambling disorder. There is also what the book describes as a "Non-behavioral form of individual deviance which may include obesity, being a part of a minority group, a physically handicapped person and by having a deviant belief system". The second of the differences is the second stage in having a deviant career is called "being deviant" in this stage of ones deviant career on must begin to "manage their deviance, their relationships within their deviant community, and their safety from agents of social control such as police, etc.". They must also yet and still "evolve a personal style for...
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