Developmental Psychology and Life

Topics: Developmental psychology, Meaning of life, Self-esteem Pages: 4 (1720 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Understanding Psychology
Psychology is everywhere, surrounding our daily lives. It helps us, humans, to overcome difficult challenges and obstacles we come across. I do not know my future, but what I plan on looking forward too is working as an accountant. As I get up to becoming an accountant, using psychological theories will help me, but having a successful career does not necessarily mean a successful life. In my opinion, a successful life consists of the job you are happy to work for and the family you have always wanted. Throughout the course of this psychology class, the theories and concepts I got the most out of was on child development. Learning psychology is well worth anyone’s time if they want the drive and aim toward a specific goal and it will definitely help me in life. The psychological concept of problem-solving will be useful in my future as algorithms will be the most reliant to an accountant. But using heuristics to get done with work more quickly during a bad day is a solution I need to think of too. If I became a well-liked accountant serving many companies and people, it will be difficult for me to get all the work done for every single person. That is why I hope the heuristics I come up with will get the job done quicker. Algorithms are for computers, but we humans learn shortcuts for most things in life. Getting to my goal of becoming an accountant, I want to have the psychological motivation in my mind to achieve the best I can. Motivation is be a huge factor in achieving most obstacles. Having the motivation will help you rise above others that are looking for the job to serve someone. Also, as I am a Type B person right now, the nice, calm, relaxed; however, I should be more of a hardy personality, the one who has a strong commitment to a specific goal in life which will get me to have that motive of being that accountant. It will be easier for me to earn the position of my future career. Everyone has a goal in life and having a...
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