Developmental Psychology

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Developmental Psychology
Ricky Thomas
Edward Norris

Developmental Psychology
Developmental psychology studies the way human beings develop from the time they are born until the time they die. Developmental and lifespan psychology has become a discipline within psychology, and has contributed with theories from many different psychologists. During the lifespan the person develops a personality, and behaves in a distinct way. This behavior becomes the person’s personality and rarely changes (Allen, 2005). Developmental psychology and personality theories explain human behavior, but there is still much debate over which theories are correct or valid. Psychology will advance, and it is conceivable that someday there will be not only valid explanations about development and behavior, but also the scientific evidence to back up those theories. Robert M. Yerkes is an American psychologist whose background is very interesting. Yerkes is most famous for the development of the intelligence test which was used during WWI. Yerkes was not always a psychologist however; he actually grew up a farmer and performed that job for many years. Yerkes received some financial support from family members and became a doctor. The transition from a farmer to a doctor is a very interesting part of the Yerkes contribution to psychology. The interesting element is because Yerkes family were mostly farmers and that is the only job Yerkes knew into his adulthood, and then suddenly he made a dramatic change, going to college, graduating from Harvard University, and becoming not only a psychologist, but one of the most remembered pioneers of psychology. Yerkes had a very deep interest in comparative psychology, a branch of psychology that deals with the behaviors of animals, and compares that behavior to humans. There are many reasons Yerkes could have wanted to become a psychologist, one is that he likely would have wanted a better life than that of a...

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